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Healing Arrows Navajo Nation COVID-19 Fund  has been established during this time of crisis to help our Indigenous Peoples survive the impact of lost jobs, broken food distribution lines and neglect.  Your donation will 100% be used to buy and deliver fresh fruits, vegetables and hygiene supplies to families living in the Western Agency of the Navajo Nation.  

The Navajo people are among the most vulnerable Indigenous Peoples living in the boundaries of the United States.  The rate of infection and death has surpassed New York City, yet with only a fraction of the population.  Before the epidemic, unemployment was close to 50%, and 40% of the homes do not have tap water.  Typically, houses will be home to multiple adult families making it impossible to isolate if the infection effects just one family member.  Reports indicate that once a family member contracts the infection, others in the household will rapidly become infected, including children.  
These realities make it especially important that the health and well being of the Navajo people be supported.  Healing Arrow believes that the best gift to give the people is the gift of nutritious, fresh fruits and vegetables to strengthen their resistance to the infection and reduce harm.
Thank you for your donation for the Navajo people.  We are truly thankful for your gift.  Miigwech

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