Committed to Indigenous Peoples Transformational Social Justice

Healing Arrows is a progressive, Indigenous-led grassroots organization promoting transformational social justice for Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island through direct social action, advocacy, and education. We are centered in the Diné philosophy of “Hózhóogo Naasháa Doo Walking In Beauty” supporting traditional ways of healing and health.

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Four Foundations of our work

Social Activism

It is estimated that at the time of Conquest, over 100 million Indigenous Peoples lived on Turtle Island.  Within three hundred years, European conquest had reduced our numbers by 90% and our land holdings to less than 97%.  Our social activism resists the destructive actions by governments, states and global transnational corporations through social activism.

Social Advocacy

Healing Arrows recognizes the work of social justice warriors and supports their causes to end violence and eco-racism.  Through advocacy, we take part in the decolonization movement to end violence against women, men and children.  With an emphasis on transformational change, Healing Arrows educates and takes part in restorative justice practices.

Social Justice Education

We know that social justice education means that the presentation of our history is the most important means to control our narrative and write our own history.  Applying a social justice lens to our history means that we confront systems of oppression, apply a content analysis and become active agents of change.  To this end, our social education seeks to empower and transform oppression to power

Traditional Healing  

Native communities have suffered tremendous losses, both as individuals and as a Peoples. Healing Arrows supports traditional healing practices that creates Hozho, beauty, and restores balance in the lives of Indigenous Peoples  

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